The telecommunications industry is going through a phase of volatile transformation. While Revenues from core communications services are stagnating, there is an increased demand for services beyond the traditional offerings and an increased need to deliver engaging customer experiences while focusing on lowering operations costs to drive up profitability despite thin margins.

Customers are thus looking for a solution that enables them to stay competitive, retain and grow their customer base by delivering top-notch customer experience and engagement using CRM, personalising telecom service offerings, simplifying operations and by optimizing margins and increasing revenues with new digital and cloud services.

Benefits offered by SAP for
the Telecommunications Industry

  • A customer-centric focus to retain current and attract new customers in competitive markets
  • Improving customer satisfaction with reliable delivery and timely, accurate billing
  • Identifying and exploiting new revenue opportunities
  • Achieving compliance with global, federal, state, and local industry regulations
  • Real-time data accessibility across the organization
  • Increased bottom-line and time management
  • Elimination of manual errors and data redundancy
  • Improved business operations (Supply Chain, Production, QC, HR, Finance)

SAP for the Telecommunication Industry


  • Ensure one version of the truth and consistency between financial, logical, and physical views of network assets.
  • Integrate and automate logistics and fulfilment across stores, customers, distribution centres, and warehouses.
  • Develop and use an intelligent, connected, transparent, and demand-driven supply chain enabled by the Internet of Things to manage customer and network equipment lifecycles with your extended business network


  • Improve margins with the ability to better strategize, plan, analyse, and optimize with SAP software for Telcom margin optimization.
  • Boost profits with fact-based decisions, reduce cost and risk, and better support the Telcom business in terms of margin assurance, price plan design, geographical channel deployment, and enterprise bid management, segmented propositions, and network rollout.
  • Share asset information in a secure and scalable way. Support field service agents from every angle with optimized workforce scheduling and mobile apps.


  • Manage the network asset life cycle from investment planning, asset construction, deployment, operation and maintenance to retirement
  • Gain real-time insight using and governing enterprise data anywhere in real-time with database and database management solutions from SAP
  • Rapidly innovate without constraints by developing intelligent business applications built on a unified data platform


  • Intelligent technologies empower customers to innovate by focusing on improving business processes and abstracting technical complexity.
  • Embedding innovations such as analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the IoT, and blockchain in our applications will drive customers’ business outcomes with built-in insights and process automation.