The Petroleum Industry faces greater challenges than ever before. With rising global demand, highly volatile prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the petroleum companies are constantly working towards the following goals to secure their long-term future:

  • Reducing costs and remaining operationally efficient.
  • Using process automation to reduce manual work and focus on core competencies.
  • Enriching customer loyalty by being flexible and enhancing service delivery.
  • Optimizing the performance of its industrial assets.
  • Improving its environmental footprint.

Thus petroleum companies are looking for solutions that enables you to optimize the entire process chain – from order confirmation, to vehicle nomination, delivery execution, to invoicing and reporting.

SAP Product Benefits

  • Simplify, Optimize and Automate sales and logistics processes from order management to dispatching, data verification and invoicing.
  • Improve overall cost efficiency through better decision making and resource utilization.
  • Reduce Transportation Costs, Labor Costs and Inventory Levels.
  • Forecast the replenishment of hospitality depots/storage tanks.
  • Carry out route planning and truck nomination & dispatching for deliveries.
  • Supports efficient and transparent management of processes at terminals, depots, wholesale & retail channels as well as service stations.

SAP for the Petroleum Industry


Procurement of Crude Oil


Refining of Crude Oil


Trading Petroleum from Areas of Supply to Demand

Primary Distribution

Transportation via Pipeline / Rail / Ship

Storage Management

Hospitality Depot / Storage Tank mgmt.

Secondary Distributuon

Order Management & Logistics Automation

Demand Forecast & Replenishment

Truck Nomination, Scheduling & Dispatch

Retail Fuel Operations


  • The integrated SAP solution is very user friendly, thus doesn’t require any professional to access information all the time.
  • Since SAP Provides an integrated module solution, it eliminates the need for multiple solution packages, creating business value in one unified solution
  • Integrated revenue accounting and production operations, determining well-level profitability


  • Automation can turn traditionally arduous and manual finance activities – such as segmentation analysis, supplier scoring, service tickets, payment reminders, accounts receivable, and dispute resolutions – into a function that is more intelligent, simpler, and faster
  • Regular maintenance checks are conducted along with constant monitoring of the machinery or equipment’s.


  • Efficient business process solution gets adapted to changing scenarios as the legalities and the regulatory requirements in the petroleum industry may often change along with the pricing nature.


  • By bringing together world-class innovators, industry and emerging technology expertise, proven use cases, and design thinking methods, we help petroleum companies develop innovations that deliver impact at scale